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Couples Therapy

Also known as Marriage or Relationship Therapy

Couples therapy can serve as a resource to people in relationships who feel like they need assistance in building constructive and effective communication and relational skills. Working together in therapy can help partners hear one another more clearly.

In couples therapy I will help each of you express your concerns as well facilitate your ability to hear what your partner is trying to say. We will work to understand how each of your pasts might be contributing to your current challenges. Couples therapy will be a safe space to nurture your relationship, develop new skills of interacting, and break through dysfunctional patterns. It is my intention to help all couples grow, both as individuals as well as a couple.

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Some examples of issues that are often addressed in couples therapy:

  • Improve the quality of your relationship
  • Address communication concerns
  • Seek help in dealing with conflicts
  • Improve the quality of intimacy
  • Deal with painful issues that have come up in your relationship